3DP-Evolution Simtastik Bass-Shaker „Racing Grey Metallic Premium“ 4x System for PC-Simracing 110V US“ 40 mm x 160 mm Complete Kit“

3DP-Evolution Simtastik Bass-Shaker „Racing Grey Metallic Premium“ 4x System for PC-Simracing 110V US“ 40 mm x 160 mm Complete Kit“



The 3DP-Evolution Bass Shaker Kit brings the ultimate up-close experience to the home racing simulation environment.


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3DP-Evolution Simtastik Bass-Shaker „Racing Grey Metallic Premium“ Kit PC

„Track Racer 160“ „Sim-Motion Premium “ „GT Omega PRIME“ „P1-X Sim Racing Cockpit“ ….


for all rigs with 40 mm x 160 mm aluminium substructure

for PC simulation racing games (only).


If you want to have a different configuration of a 3DP-Evolution Bass-Shaker Kit like this, fitting to other Simrigs or containing other components,

please feel free to contact us on e-mail : info@3dp-evolution.de


What is a 3DP-Evolution Bass-Shaker Kit?


The 3DP-Evolution Bass-Shaker Kit brings the ultimate up-close experience to the home racing simulation environment.

4x Bass-Shakers simulate the frequency response of the wheels (VL-VR/HL-HR) of a vehicle + all other fequencies

Shift-Kick, ABS, TC, Motor Vibration… Road Texture …..  generated in a race car.


With an amplifier of 4 x 100W and 4x Premium Bass-Shakers also with 100 Watts (RMS) each,

The kit is designed for any kind of racing simulation.


Powered by Simhub (Windows 10 PC) and required 2x unused „standard audio 3.5mm jack“ outputs,

the 3DP-Evolution Bass-Sahker Kait puts any pilot right in the middle of the action.


Simhub currently supports over 50 PC simulators and racing games,

please check if your game is supported by the software before purchasing!


Normally in a simrig you are restricted to speakers or headset, the 3DP-Evolution Bass-Shaker Kit

additionally deliveres  all the good frequencies of a real racecar directly to the simulator with the Bass-Shakers.


Together with the Audio information, the visual information, the Force-Feedback from the wheel AND

real-time vibrations out of 3DP-Evolution Bass-Shaker,

creates the perfect immersion of sitting „IN“ a Racecar!


It’s hard to describe, but the synergy of sound, force feedback, (VR) and now additional real-time vibrations from telemetry,

add up to the perfect immersion for everybody from beginner up to the ambitious e-sports enthusiast.


Nothing is comparable to the immersion even not a motion system.

No motion system can create this kind of immersion, because they always drag the disadvantage of the inertia of the mass with them!

Vibrations translated directly from telemetry into the bass shakers are available in real time!

For this purpose, the bass shakers are firmly mounted to your simulator.

This creates the true realistic feeling of actually being „in“ the race car or simulated vehicle.


As a result, you experience reaches a new dimension of immersion, which reports back to the pilot mm-precise feedback from the race track

and leads to the development of better lap times.


ABS, ASR, tire grip, road unevenness, gear shifting, contact with the opposing vehicle and much more, give the pilot feedback in a

way and in a previously unexperienced physical experience.


Goosebumps already in the box when starting the vehicle and improvement of the driving performance are the result.


! But be aware, this is addictive, once made the experience, you will never ever want to drive again without!


Promised !


Currently, 20 unique properties from telemetry are available in Simhub.

Note: Not all of them are available in every game.
Please check this before buying our hardware,
we have no influence on the transmitted properties per game, this is solely up to the developers of the simulation and Simhub!


Content: 3DP-Evolution Simtastik Bass-Shaker „Racing Grey Metallic Premium“ Kit Special US



3DP-Evolution Simtastik Bass-Shaker Amplifier US 4x 100W in Grey Metallic 110V
Including red LED interior lighting
1x cold appliance connection cable US 110V 3-5m
4x Audio cable pre-assembled 2 x 1.5m / 2 x 2.5m
2x 3m premium stereo jack 3.5mm to 4x RCA audio cable
4x premium bass shaker diameter 160 mm 100W RMS
2x bracket kit for bass shaker box mounting on frame (incl. mounting hardware)
4x special holder for mounting the Bass-Shaker Premium on the 40mm x 160mm side panels (incl. mounting material)

Shipping costs included max 10 kg

Documentation for commissioning


Ask us:

If you have any questions, please contact us „before“ buying via info@3dp-evolution.de,

we will be happy to assist you in advance.

Remote Support:

We want you to start enjoying your Bass Shaker system as soon as possible and we will support you.

30 min free remote support for the initial configuration of the Simhub (software) are included in the purchase price!




The renderings of the images (black background) may contain a different representation of the Bass-Shaker Box.


Please note that we manufacture the Bass-Shaker Box in the FDM process at 3DP-Evolution.
With this process, there may be slight irregularities in the surface, this is not a reason for reduction.


Schematic construction and wiring:



Here you can download the English Version of our 3DP-Evolution Simtastic Bass-Shaker documentation


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